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Covid-19 Disinfection Services:


Covid 19 outbreak made it difficult for businesses to operate in the safe environment. Executive Cleaning is proud to serve and protect our community during the pandemic. Our goal is to provide a safe and healthy workspace across Treasure Valley with professional disinfection services. Our team is responding immediately, even after hours. 


Fogging disinfection: Executive Cleaning is using the latest fogging technology to sanitize commercial properties. Our fogging machines are enabling us to disinfect any type of site, no matter the size, and kills 99.99% of all bacteria and viruses inside the facility. With medical-grade supplies, that is EPA approved to kill coronavirus, we are helping businesses running through a difficult time.


The service is well-tailored for companies that want to protect their employees, or for companies that already had a COVID case, and want to protect other employees and keep running smoothly.


Deep cleaning disinfection: Usually combined with fogging, deep cleaning disinfection is an efficient way of sanitizing the facility. Our staff is making sure that everything (up to 7ft) is wiped and disinfected with medical-grade supplies, EPA registered to kill coronavirus.

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